Friday, August 26, 2016

Sic parvis Magna

GTA 5 Uncharted 4 is the best video game ever made!

The last few levels were incredibly nostalgic going up against hordes of mercenaries while appreciating the incredible graphics Naughty dog and Sony came up with.

Kudos to Nolan North and the other tremendous voice actors along with scintillating soundtrack by Henry Jackson for making this completely memorable. Sam drake's character development was quite incredible and the levels with younger Sam and Nate were my favorite.

The opening and closing credits made me teary with throwbacks to the old games. I will miss Nathan Drake and co. I look forward to my kids play-through on this when they get older.

Thank you Naughty dog && Sony for all the wonderful memories over the years!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

It's Nathan Drake time!!!

Finally a worthy successor to GTA 5 is here, All hail Nathan !!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

300 unbeaten.

This year got to be one of the worst years since I started this blog in which I managed to pay very little attention to this space. I am quite impressed that this page has survived 9 years, in all honesty started as a means to impress a special person then eventually it became a very regular habit of mine. 

This blog gave me an avenue to test out my writing skills and helped me hone my creativity, the number of page views have dropped drastically since when I started it and also on the fact that it became overwhelming for me to keep a tab on plenty of bloggers who I started writing this blog with mainly because of work and life itself. I do miss all of the very active times on this blog. 

That being said this happened to be my 300th post. The title of the post is a nod to that. it's a cricket reference for my readers who live in US. It just means the batsman has scored 300 runs and he is still unbeaten. I have decided to mark this occasion with a special post I've been meaning to write for quite some time.

A while ago a friend of mine who is just enthusiastic as me in listening to guitar solos asked me to rank my favorite guitar solos of all time. I had to spend a good hour or so thinking about all my favorite guitar solos to list them out. That's when I thought this might be a great topic for my 300th post so here it goes.

I haven't ranked any of the songs other than the top 3 because I equally love all of them but the top 3 certainly are a different story. If you're still reading this I urge you to listen all these songs at-least once for each and everyone I've listed here is a true masterpiece.

The first one's for Metallica. Of course no list of mine is complete without them ever present in it. There are so many songs from Metallica that I had a hard to time to pick between Wherever I may roam,  Fade to Black and this one. Eventually One edged it for me. This one's for you Kirk Hammett. I have not added the original music video for any of these because the guitar solo is the key point of this post.

Now that we've started with a bang. The second one has a tough act to follow. The second one is The Child in Time by Deep Purple. This song actually picked itself when i made the list. I know Highway star is a worthy contender but this one edges it for me I even bought a CD just to listen to this one song. Please do not miss this amazing guitar solo towards the end.

The third one is an absolute face melter. It's the Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Like the previous one it picks itself when this comes on the radio and if i am driving I head to the freeway before the guitar solo arrives.

Is your face still alright after listening to the previous one? The number 4 comes from down under, I wasn't a big fan of this song until I watched School of Rock.  This song grew on me ever since I saw this on the end rolls of the film. Here's AC/DC - It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll.

We can't have an amazing guitar solo list without involving Eric Clapton. Like many songs in this list Layla picked itself. I am such a sucker for love songs.

I am not done with Eric Clapton yet. He is so good he redid this song in an acoustic guitar and topped even the original. It's my blog so yes Acoustic guitar solos do count when its Eric Clapton.

Next on my list is Bob Dylan's All Along the Watch tower taken to a new level by One Mr.Hendrix.

And there's more of Hendrix left. Purple Haze

Now for the top 3!!


It's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as they take us on a Stairway to heaven. Enough said.


Pink Floyd wins this one,  David Gilmour's solo for Comfortably Numb is truly scintillating and his performances live are even mesmerizing. I do like the Stereo version more.


Beatles of course who else? This song is my favorite among the Beatles and it doesn't have a special long solo like the others in this list which is what makes this song special.  

The lyrics of this song are done by George Harrison which makes the song tick. A little known fact about this song is that it's got Eric Clapton in guitar as well. This song came at distressing time when there were cracks among the Beatles themselves but it simply came out perfectly. I present to you While my guitar gently weeps. 

Listening to this song makes me ponder a lot into the past and introspect. Depending on the mood often brings a tear into my eye. Beatles simply are the best!!!

If you've read this far I appreciate your musical inclination and patience in getting this far.  Writing this post has made me quite nostalgic and often groping for words. George Harrison is my favorite Beatle I like to end this post with a cover Eric Clapton did for his tribute.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Current Mood - Rebellious

Sometimes you've a torrid time in your day and then one song comes up and whacks every obstacle of the park.

Before the song came on my Classic Vinyl Radio on the morning it was dark, gloomy && conforming. After I listened to the song the mood just became rebellious and never say die.

Ladies && Gentlemen I present you David Gilmour and Roger waters at their very best!!

PS: Oh by the way, which one's Pink?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TIck Tock

The gameplay looks delicious and features character switch like in GTA. Can't wait to be the bat himself.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bow to the King!!

I feel it's been an eternity since I've wrote something. I do have couple of pretty awesome ideas in drafts but would probably reserve one of them for my upcoming 300th post. 

I usually post when i change my pen names. It used to be Machohacker in the primordial stages of this blog, then i wrote with my own name Venki, for a long time after that I was the real rocknrolla, then for the past 2 years i was Dredd and finally i think its time for another ascension.

I will be Stannis Baratheon for a very long time now. Of all the people who I've spoken too regarding game of thrones I am the one who is a fan of this character and I have started reading the books recently and realized that his character in the TV show doesn't do justice to his personality and his leadership reflected in the books. 

Either ways I will unveil more about him in the years to come and wanted to end my hibernation on a rather positive note. Until next time!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Say No to Hate!!!

It's been quite sometime i have posted here been meaning to post here when Liverpool thrashed spurs 0-5 at their place and 4-0 at ours or on the day we thrashed Everton 4-0 or on the day when Arsenal were dismantled within just 15 minutes to witness the brilliant game liverpool played since the 4-0 dismantling of Real Madrid (A team which had Cannavaro, Pepe, Raul, Sneijder, Robben) on 2009 or on that day when we spanked united at old trafford comprehensively to make Fergie look like he was about to explode like a box of TNT on the road runner show and most of all on the remarkable day when we destroyed Manchester city 2 weeks ago to get a grip on the title but couldn't for one reason or another.

After what happened today I really had to post today because of what really happened. Irrespective of what happened today I am incredibly proud of what Liverpool have done this season!! This has been a much more amazing season than the 2009 title and CL surge mainly because we had Xabi, Mascherano, Carragher , Gerrard and Torres at their prime and we had the winning mentality from that 2005 and 2006 FA Cup but now we have Suarez and Sturridge and with young shoulders of Henderson, Allen, Coutinho and Sterling last but by no means least Steven Gerrard on his adaptability to a deeper role. I find it sickening everyone makes it out that slip is going to cost us the title. Absolutely sickening!!! After these 5 years in wilderness it's amazing to see how we went toe to toe for a full season with 2 of the most expensive squads ever assembled when the goal at the start of the season clearly was to qualify for Champions league football.

I also noted that this social media has made us humans more bitter and vile people in all honesty and I love the occasional banter no doubt but after a point you see fans replying with hate chants about Hillsborough and Heysel and people getting racially abused left, right and center on twitter is absolutely disgusting to watch. Needless to say i felt empty not because liverpool lost today for the first time this year but for lack of faith in humanity anymore.

May be its the cognac i drank just a while ago kicking in making me sound all philosophical and sage like. I wanted to clarify a couple of points about people who had a debate with me. People saying we should've played for a draw today, well whats the guarantee that we would've won that game in fact if we had lost playing a defensive game we would be saying why we didn't play the free flowing football we played all season. 

Secondly respect the Gaffer's decision this is the guy who has made us win for 11 games in a row and kept us undefeated all through out the year with some amazing tactical decisions he made in key games away at Stoke, Southampton, Manchester united and was instrumental in how we destroyed Spurs, Everton and Arsenal in our home games. Its only natural on a day of football anything is possible and all good runs have to come to an end but I am incredibly proud of Brendan Rodgers's decision to stick to his philosophy and I believe Bayern Munich under Guardiola, Real Madrid under Ancelotti (Not Mourinho) and Barcelona would've done the same thing. 

Lastly to reiterate what i said sure we lost the grip on the title, that doesn't mean its the end of the world we have had an amazing season irrespective of we win the title or not. I wish we had lost to Manchester city than to have our run ended than to a team which had 10 men behind the ball whole game and did everything negative from the first 30 seconds to stop us winning. There was a reason that vile human being was hated and kicked out of spain, the thing which sickens me is how everyone calls him a genius. My best word for him is hypocrite and the biggest one of the lot.

I honestly believe come May 11 Steven Gerrard will be still lifting that trophy!!! I don't give up on my team just because they lost a single game this year and if you're one like that I am hoping you don't support liverpool. As one Mr.Shankly said "If you don't support us when we're losing then we don't need your support when we're winning."

On a happier note Luis Suarez is the Player of the Year!!! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hibernation and the holidays.

It's been a while since i posted here, you could say i took a real long hibernation. There are indeed lots and lots of stuff to cover which have been fairly eventful.

Before i lost track of everything let me just jump into the fray. I had a chance to play what might possibly have been the greatest game ever made. that's right I am talking about GTA 5.

If i were a poet I would be waxing lyrical about this game, it was unbelievably awesome and sometimes it's the attention to detail by the developers in Rockstar made this game simply amazing. The first grand theft auto with multiple characters and fun part is when all characters are unlocked you can switch between the characters anytime unless you're in a mission with them or on a cop chase. 

Hands down  my favorite character is Michael, The character on the left on the trailer he is a rational psychopath in the game, Franklin is someone who is probably the closest to sane character among the three and although the game entirely revolves around the other two. As for Trevor he is absolutely irrational, horrific bloody psychopath and his special power is the best among the three. He is epitome of all GTA games past and present. The story line takes an amazing faster pace when trevor comes into the picture.

Here's what you can do in Los santos in GTA 5, other than doing amazing heists and insane rampages.

  • You can play tennis.
  • You can run triathlon.
  • You can do yoga.
  • You can play golf.
  • You can play darts.
  • You can go drinking with your buddies.
  • You can invest in stock market. 
  • You can go on a ballon ride.
  • You can fly through Helicopter/Airplane.
  • You can enter street/ATV/Sea race.
  • You can take your dog out for a walk. (Yes you've a dog and he is amazing)
  • You can go skydiving.

I might have missed lots of things other than what i have listed. I can list more awesome jaw dropping features in the game but i think only way to find that for yourself is pick this game and play it yourself. 
I paid 60 dollars for this game and prices have gone down significantly now but its a full value for every penny paid.

As for other stuff. Liverpool are having a fantastic season possibly the second best i have seen them had in all these years of supporting them. When the season started if you had told me liverpool would be second at this time of the season i probably would've given a sarcastic laugh at you. I don't want to jinx our run by saying we are title contenders yet (although i am pretty sure its at the back of everyone's mind right now). I would be very happy with a CL spot come end of this season. Next 3 games are the key. Lets see how it winds out.

Anyone who might have missed the rout of tottenham last week, check this out. It was bloody brilliant football by the lads.

I am enjoying my time off and top it off even put up my first christmas decoration and looking forward to the enjoying the most wonderful time of the year.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Anguish & Euphoria

If you're wondering what's the significance of the picture above, it's the actual view of the Footballing brain possessed by Florentino Perez - The President of Real Madrid. Selling Ozil to fund Bale this is the day world has gone really bonkers!! (To be honest it's actually much smaller than that of this peanut).

On a positive note felt exuberant after seeing the bloody mancs lose. Daniel san is on an unbelievable Juggernaut run. To add the icing on the cake We're top of the table. Honestly didn't see that coming I have to praise One Mr.Rodgers for that.

I hope our euphoria continues little longer, Just 2 more games to see our El pistolero back in the squad. Good times ahead.

Until next time!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Best Scare of the year yet

Just came back from conjuring, It's quite refreshing to see a movie with old school haunted house scary effects. As a proponent and lover of this franchise I give this movie my big thumbs up.

Must watch for the horror movie lovers and definitely not for the faint hearted shriekers!!