That's how a trilogy really should end.

 It was 7 hours of marathon of Dark Knight trilogy. I got home at 3.30 AM and eventually ended up sleeping at 5.30 and then I had an entire day of work and still didn't have a wink of sleep with huge rush of adrenaline from watching the finale which is still driving me. Is it worth the trouble? Hells Yeah.

As per my rough estimate I watched Batman Begins for the 10th time and the Dark Knight for the 12th time (which equates to 2 full days of  watching it)  the thing which amazed me when i was watching them again every dialogue in the first 2 movies stil sends that tingle up the spine.

This scene still blows my mind away.

This well and truly shows what the caped crusader really stands for.

When the 3rd movie started in the theatre and Bane was running riot for the first 30 minutes in the movie I could really feel the tension in the theatre so much you could really put a knife through it because everyone was anticipating when Batman would enter the fray. The movie went hyper drive when we least expected it.

It was truly a spectacular scene when he comes out guns blazing, the scene which bought a shed of tear in my eyes when the police officer remarks to his deputy. Oh Boy! You're in for a show son!

I love the references Nolan brings about in the movie which makes the comic book reader really happy and Hans Zimmer's track initially wasn't so much attractive at first until it started to grow on me to the current point my head is buzzing with this chant.

I noticed that movie drew strong inspiration from Arkham City ( The Final war was epic sequence in itself) and also felt it was line by line adaptation of Dark Knight rises by Frank miller barring the villains and the other minor plot elements. Nolan did a fantastic job of completing the story real amazingly putting all the pieces together to complete this masterpiece.

I am pretty sure I am going to watch the movie again at-least two more times. I wonder if another movie on Batman can be again be made on this caliber again. I hardly doubt it,  I have to go on a Batman hiatus for now until the sequel to Arkham city comes out again.

As usual I leave you with my favorite track of them all.

PS: I wanted to make quick draw mcgraw stylish post but I didn't think it was going to delve onto a rather serious note.


Bargava said…
Oh yeah.. 7 hours batman marathon was totally worth it..

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